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Fireworks as Fine Art

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Local artist and pyrotechnics master Cima Bue paints with light and fire using the sky as his canvas. Trust me: You've never seen site-specific fireworks like the ones Cima designs. Each show is tailored to the event location as well as his clients‘ personalities. Sometimes he choreographs a fireworks display to music.

The pictures here, by Paul Simon of Forged in the North, are from a wedding Cima worked on all year with us. He built an eight-foot tall bonfire surrounded by glowing sculptural orbs; carved custom logs including one that was the tower of Modor for a LOR fanboy groom; and put on a mind blowing fireworks show to which the groom reacted, "It's the BEST thing I've ever seen!"

Cima takes care of all permits, checks with the farmers and neighbors, and is fully insured. He's quite the local legend, just ask around...

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